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Social Media Marketing Services


There is no doubt that social media is growing like wildfire and if a business wants to make an impact, they need to embrace social media marketing in 2011. While social marketing trends have come and gone, some slowly fizzling like MySpace and some bombing quickly like Google Buzz, there are a few social trends that are setting the stage for the future of marketing. Let’s take a look at the 5 top social media marketing trends for 2011.


 Social Media Integration  @ US$ 250.00


Social Media Marketing

WordPress Blog Development For your Business

Facebook Fan Page Development and Integration

Twitter Page Development and Integration

YouTube Channel Development / Linkedin

1 Corporate Video of 60-90 Seconds

Submit Your Websiteto 50 Social Bookmarks

Submit To 2500 Twitters | 3000 Facebook Fans

Manually Submission to 25 Quality Directories


      Features of our Social Media Integration

  • We will develop WordPress Blog For Your Business

  • We will developCorporate Video of 30-90 seconds

  • Facebook Fan Page Development & Integration

  • Twitter Page Development & Integration

  • Linkedin Profile Development & Integration

  • Social Bookmarking Integration

  • Submit Website To 50 Social Bookmarking Websites

  • Share your Link To 2500 twitters & 3000 facebook.

  • manually Submission To 25 Qaulity Directories

      Social Media Marketing Can Help You

  • Increase the awareness of your brand

  • Reach potential customers easily

  • Target a broader audience

  • Create new sales or leads for your products

  • Promote your products and increase sales

  • Build Tons of Traffic Permanently.

  • Provide better customer relations & communication

  • Enhance your company image

  • Drive Search Engine Traffic To Your Website


The growing use of Smartphones is another area showing fabulous momentum in social trends in 2011. More than just SMS, mobile phones can now handle mobile websites, SEO, applications, location based searches, and visual banners. Mobile marketing is still relatively new, so it is easy to break into and is a very affordable way to market your products or services. Just like marketing with any other venues, you must plan and set measurable goals. Do some research to find what works best for your business. Start with something basic and if works well, increase your efforts.


Just looking at the increasing numbers of YouTube subscribers goes to show that people want to watch videos. A video provides another level of intimacy and interactivity that the written word cannot provide. A video is the epitome of social media marketing in 2011. Large companies with famous brand names are adding video marketing to their bag of tricks and the rest of the business world, no matter how small or large, should follow. It is very easy to create a video with a webcam, or hire one of the many agencies that are forming to create one for you.


With Google’s Panda update still fresh in everyone’s mind, providing unique and relevant content on your website is the best way to attract potential clients to your website. The more people visit your site, the more money your company will earn. Make sure you are providing your target market with the information that they want to see. Don’t just push products and preach to your customers, provide them with useful information and create a trusting relationship. A great way to do this is to share industry related news, informative tips, provide exclusive discounts and sales, and encourage discussion within the online community..


These  top social media marketing trends for 2011 are just the start of how you can utilize the internet and social media websites to increase sales and grow your business. With a little research and strategic planning, you will be well on your way to a financially successful year..


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