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Make it easy for your customers to know the what, where, who, when and why of your business by developing a website.





If you are running a small scale or large scale business, then your website can help you promote your business. Your website can provide an inexpensive and valuable way of advertising your products and services. Developing a professional website can be tricky, but once it is done, it can give all the information to your customers about your business, just the way you want.

Developing a user friendly and search engine friendly website requires skill, and Crossmedia Private Limited UK Limited can help you. We provide all kinds of website development services to clients based in Ireland UK and Europe.


 Basic Package @ US$ 199.00



Website Designing:  XHTML, CSS, JQuery

Logo Designing

Cross Browser Compatibility , Valid XHTML

Feedback / Contact Us / Enquiry Form

Links, Animations, Images, Rollovers, Jquery

Development of Facebook Fan Page, Twitter Page

Social Bookmarking Integration

Basic Search Engine Optimization


Business Package @ US$ 499.00


Drupal / Wordpress / Joomla

Website Designing & Development XHTML, CSS

Logo Designing + Flash Intro

Cross Browser Compatibility, Valid XHTML

Web Forms and Site Search Facility

Database Integration & CMS

Development of Facebook Fan Page, Twitter Page

Social Bookmarking Integration

Basic Search Engine Optimization



Sign up


 E-Commerce @ US$ 799.00


E-Commerce Solution with CMS

Website Designing & Development XHTML, CSS

Logo Designing + Flash Intro

Cross Browser Compatibility, Valid XHTML

Product Catalogue

Shopping Cart, Checkout, Payment Integration

Orders, Customers, Stock Management

Content Management System (CMS)

SEO & Facebook Fan Page, Twitter Page, YouTube


Our staff consists of professional web developers with extensive experience in various fields of programming, working on various platforms and using a variety of web programming and web development tools and languages. This gives us a solid basis while approaching any project and allows us to match the ideal solution for the task.


Your website developed is flexible

If you wish to start small, with the simplest sites, also known as static web sites, or with a comprehensive system with content management system, or a shopping cart solution or ecommerce system, Crossmedia Private Limited UK Limited can help you. If you are on the right concept you will probably want to extend or increase the functionality of your web site, at some phase, to add new features. While future additions are largely difficult to predict, our policy is always to create a flexible, modular design, rather than rigid, and to make these changes as natural as possible for the system, providing added value in the long term.

Making your content management easier

The content management system (CMS), sometimes referred to as "The Backend" or "Administrator Interface," works as the main control center of any website. The webmaster should provide as much control as possible over the entire contents of the site. Features common to a good CMS may include the functions of easy editable lists, user management, forums and blogs, customizable newsletter campaigns, or the addition of an affiliate or banner tracking system. At Crossmedia Private Limited, we have build content management systems to fit specific needs of each site, and to allow the webmaster to define the level of sophistication and control these systems provide.

We manage your project the right way

The web development project starts with the process of getting the definition and management needs of the client with as much precision as possible. The projects must be completed on time and on budget and initial design stage lays the foundations for the rest. For each project, a Project Manager is assigned to closely monitor all stages and adequate resources are allocated. Milestones are established to ensure control over the progress. We keep full transparency, and wherever possible, customers can view the modules of the system and its initial stages to completion.

Your website quality is assured

Quality assurance is often a sensitive area in the development of the web or in software development in general. At Crossmedia Private Limited we provide Tests and Quality Assurance stage all the attention and dedication it deserves, to ensure regularity and allow an easy and quick release (in the case of a new system) or integration (in the case of upgrade or enhancement of an existing system).


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